Volunteer with Hands2Inspire™

Hands2Inspire™ is geared to Giving Back, Sharing Knowledge & Raising Awareness for the signing community!

Volunteers from throughout the Maryland and DC area have come out and participated in various volunteer experiences and have left every event teaching and learning ASL.

Our volunteers consist of the deaf, hard-of-hearing and hearing community. We rally together to make a difference.

Join Hands2Inspire and help build greater knowledge and understanding through our various outreach projects.

To learn about upcoming events contact Simi at hands2inspire@gmail.com

Hands2Inspire Shares Smiles

This weekend H2I volunteers traveled from Washington DC to Baltimore City to share smiles!

Saturday, September 13th H2I volunteers traveled to Washington DC to feed the hungry! Upon completion of volunteering, H2I volunteers had the entire food serving line doing the silent cheer and also taught many other volunteers, from outside organizations, learn how sign an array of words!

Volunteers, thank you for sharing your knowledge!

Sunday, September 14th, H2I volunteers traveled to RMH to give back to the children and families! The children and families learned how to sign numbers, BINGO, and other words!

Again, thank you volunteers for sharing your knowledge, smiles and hearts with the kids of Ronald McDonald House!